Thursday, March 30, 2006

Air Bag For Riders!

:: Motorcyle jackets and vests that incorporate "airbag" safety systems designed to protect the rider's neck, spine and vital organs in the event of a fall or collision!
++ Safety Tech: Japan / Mugen Denko Co, Ltd. / Hit-Air

Motorcyclists have long been the most vulnerable road users because they do not have an effective barrier between themselves and other objects in an accident. Until now!

The Hit-Air jacket system uses CE certified armor to protect the shoulders, elbows and the spine but most importantly, the Hit-Air jacket also incorporates an air cushion system.

If a rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the air cushion instantly inflates to protect the rider's body.

The inflated jacket provides the necessary impact protection.

After a few seconds the gas is automatically released through the gas release valve.

When inflated the airbag acts to reduce or prevent body injuries by absorbing collision blows or shock forces by being compressed at the point of impact and redistributing the load throughout the entire bag over the riders' body.

Activation is simple and automatic. A coiled wire lanyard is attached to both the motorcycle and the jacket. Once the rider and the motorcycle are separated, the coiled wire lanyard pulls a "key" out of a gas release system and inert gas inflates the air cushion.

A leather motorcycle jacket may help save you from "gravel rash" but will it help absorb the unexpected impact of being thrown to the road from your bike and a collision with a motor vehicle, guard rail or any of the many other "unfriendly" objects that are common on our roads?

Motorcycle accident statistics are clear: Collisions, resulting from a rider being thrown from the motorcycle and impacting with the ground or crashing into an obstacle such as a guardrail, are the main reasons for deaths and serious injuries.

More than 90% of these injuries are to the head, neck or chest. A helmet may protect the head but an impact to the helmet may also cause an injury to the neck. Hit Air offers protection to the neck where various kinds of protection padding have been lacking.

Protection is also provided for the front and the back of the body by a shock-buffering airbag system, offering riders additional protection during accidents.

The construction of the jackets is much stronger than most existing jackets as the materials and stitching have to cope with the rapid and forceful action of the airbag inflation. Compared with existing jackets too, the abrasion resistance is increased due to the additional layers and qualities of the airbag and its protective sleeve materials.

The airbag also prevents the jacket from being stripped off the rider and acts as a body "air splint" to keep the wearers' spine immobile – significantly reducing the risks of major spinal cord injury.
Note from Technophile: The jackets are already in use by police departments in Brazil, Italy, Japan and Spain and appear to offer significantly greater protection than a normal jacket. The inflatable vests are finding application in many other potentially dangerous activities such as horse riding and power sports. After activation, a slow air release valve automatically deflates the high pressure airbag over a 3-5 minute period. If the airbag is not damaged, the system is easily repacked and the activating mechanism reset within 3-5 minutes. The replacement CO2 cartridge costs only $20. The airbag itself is protected by a Kevlar sleeve and it is unlikely to be damaged. (The name "Hit-Air" means "hit air, not tarmack").
:: Source: [Hit-Air]
:: Innovation: Air chambers in jackets and vests that instantly inflate to protect the wearer in case of accident.
:: Available: Now.
:: Cost: There are 13 styles of jackets ranging from $700 to $960 and 5 styles of vests ranging from $600 to $750.
:: Image credits: Hit-Air.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow nice idea. i wish id have known about this before i smacked into the side of a milk truck :( and now i have had an accident, my motorbike insurance premiums have shot up so much i probably couldn't afford one anyway. Thats even taking into account the 10% discount i got for buying my motor bike insurance online.

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