Thursday, March 23, 2006

Extreme Superyacht!

:: The 118-foot (36-meter) WallyPower is a high performance superyacht that flawlessly integrates technology with design.
++ Design Tech: Principality of Monaco / Luca Bassani / Wally

Just about everything concerning the $33 million WallyPower is Extreme: The propulsion system consists of three gas turbines that generate 16,800 HP. These drive water jets that push this high tech craft to a top speed of nearly 60 knots. The fuel capacity is 5,812 gallons. Fuel consumption at top cruising speed is one liter per second, or about 15 gallons per minute!

The sleek lines of the WallyPower are the result of an extensive R&D (Research and Development) programme that included the tank testing at the SSPA facility in Goteborg, Sweden, and the wind tunnel testing in the Ferrari facility at Maranello, Italy. The wind tunnel tests were conducted to optimize the air inlets of the gas turbines, to verify any turbulence and back flow of the exhaust gas on deck and living areas, and to have a further confirmation of the geometry of the hull and superstructure.

The hull form is a deep "V" of 22 degrees at the stern, with a straight stem bow designed to perform as "wave piercing". An innovative interceptor system controls the boats trim to improve even further performance and comfort in any sea conditions.

The deck is flush and features from bow to stern: the tender garage (where you can store your water "toys" and have them hoisted into the water by crane), the social cockpit, the glass superstructure, and the aft cockpit. Large open areas are designed to allow humans to comfortably and safely move around the deck when at anchor.

The yacht features all the spacious comforts of a mega yacht together with all the nautical characteristics of a coast-guard boat: while remaining comfortable on board, guests are capable of cruising at nearly 60 knots not only in flat seas but also in rough waters.

The pure lines of the WallyPower are enhanced by the absence of visible cleats, mooring winches, radar antennas, TV domes, and anchor systems. Everything is perfectly and neatly concealed and hidden (without sacrificing functionality).

The deck, cockpit, navigation, dining and saloon areas have been conceived as one continuous element. Inside the superstructure, the atmosphere if that of a New York style loft. The open space incorporates three areas, from stern to bow: the saloon, the dining/seating area, and the navigation cockpit.

The spacious galley encloses the crew mess with a 15" plasma screen. The galley is equipped with a professional oven and stove, as well as plenty of refrigerators.

The port console is dedicated to the engineering, start-up, and monitoring systems while underway. The starboard one serves for the steering, control, communication, navigation and interceptor systems.
Note from Technophile: Genuinely new and high-tech, from her engine room to her folding radar mast, the WallyPower has Carbon Composite, Fiberglass, Nomex, Lexan, Triple Laminate Glass, Honeycomb construction, and a superbly minimalist Euro interior by Lazzarini & Pickering. The chameleon-like paint finish is metallic dark green and changes reflections and colour depending on the light and landscape. If the Gotham City branch of Ikea ever gets into designing mega-yachts, this is what they would look like! This is an express motoryacht with berths for six guests (in three "en suite" staterooms), and six crew. I cannot do justice to this incredible technology with one blog post (it would take an entire web site), so I encourage you to go to the Wally site and look around. It is extremely interesting!
:: Source: [The Science Channel]
:: Innovation: High tech, high performance Superyacht!
:: Cost: $33 million!
:: Available: Now!
:: Image credits: Wally


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