Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Extreme Business Jet!

:: The concept behind the Javelin Mk 10 is to combine state-of-the-art glass instrumentation, safety features, and two 1,800 pound thrust turbo fan jet engines, into a two-seater executive jet.
++ Aviation Tech: George Bye / Aviation Technology Group (ATG)

This is the instrument panel of the prototype/test cockpit (it is not what the actual civilian cockpit will look like). [Image credit: Aviation Technology Group]
With its high speed (600 mph), manoeuverability, and unprecedented performance, coupled with the economy, reliability, and comfort of a light business jet, the Javelin Mk 10 is unique in general aviation.

Whether you're a business executive, experienced pilot, or aviation enthusiast; the Javelin Mk 10 is the solution when you absolutely, positively have to be there on time. With dual controls in pressurized comfort, the Javelin Mk 10 caters to pilots who love to fly fast and passengers who love to ride in luxury.
Note from Technophile: It takes just a glance at the Javelin personal jet to understand that it was born from the intense desire to offer military performance to the general aviation market. The existence of a market prepared to pay $2.795 million for a two-seat jet aircraft (capable of Mach 0.90) has been verified by the Aviation Technology Group (ATG). It is holding 103 firm orders for the Javelin Mk 10 (accounting for the entire first year of production). Initial customer deliveries of the FAA-certified Javelin Mk 10 are slated for 2008, so if you get your order in now, you'll still be waiting until 2009 to be the first in your neighborhood to have one of these beauties! [Special thanks to Sara Newton, Communications Manager for ATG, for taking the time to communicate with me (by email) in order to ensure the accuracy of this post. Thanks, Sara!]
:: Source: [Aviation Technology Group (ATG)]
:: Innovation: Filling a niche in the aviation marketplace by building a personal jet that is similar to a military jet.
:: Cost: $2.795 million (taxes not included, folks).
:: Speed: Mach 0.90 (600 mph)!
:: Maximum Rate of Climb: 10,000 feet per minute.
:: Certified Ceiling: 45,000 feet.
:: Available: Certification/first delivery = 2008.
:: Image Credits: [Aviation Technology Group (ATG)]
"There is no excuse for an airplane unless it will fly fast! "~ Roscoe Turner


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