Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sustainable Urban Wind Power!

:: Absolutely sensational small scale wind turbine technology that will allow you to "stick it the man (power company)"!
++ Environ Tech: Netherlands / Delft University of Technology / Turby B.V.

This 2.5 kilowatt wind generator designed for rooftops can generate enough electricity to reduce the electric bill of a typical home by two thirds.

The Turby is a brand of vertical axis Darrieus wind turbine. The three vertical aerofoil blades have a helical twist of 60 degrees, similar to Gorlov's water turbines. Since the wind pulls each blade around on both the windward and leeward sides of the turbine, this feature spreads the torque evenly over the entire revolution, thus preventing the destructive pulsations (and noise) of the straight-bladed wind generator.

Another advantage of the helical twist is that the blades generate torque well from upward-slanting airflow. This is negligible in open country, but tall buildings and cliff faces generate a bow wave which directs airflow up and over them.

Turbines mounted on building rooftops or clifftops are exposed to significantly slanting flow, and the Turby can extract more useful energy from it than a propeller-type turbine can.

The turbine measures 2.0 meters in diameter by 2.9 meters high (including generator), and weighs 136kg. It is specified to generate in winds of between 4 meters/second and 14 meters/second, and can survive winds of 55 meters/second.

Rated power at 14 meters/second is 2.5 killowatts. The AC (Alternating Current) output from the synchronous generator is rectified to DC (Direct Current), then inverted to AC. The Turby's angled layout of the magnets aids in minimizing startup torque.
Note from Technophile: Couple the Turby with some PV (Photo Voltaic) solar panels and you could either remove yourself from the grid and become self sufficient, or make you electric meter run backwards and sell electricity to the power company. The neat thing about this sort of "hybrid" power system is that normally when the sun doesn't shine, the wind is blowing (like in the case of a storm). What can make you real happy is when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing at the same time!
:: Source: [Beyond Tomorrow]
:: Innovation: Absolutely sensational small scale wind turbine technology!
:: Available: Now.
:: Cost: £ 11,466 (turbine and generator).

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Blogger César said...

It seems to be a really interesting device, Don. ¿Have you already tested it?

7:53 AM  
Blogger Ayudante del Niño said...

César, good to hear from you, as always, your comments are welcome. As an answer to your inquiry, currently five Turby's are being tested a different locations in the Netherlands. By the end of 2006 the number is expected to grow to 75.

The interest in Turbys is incredible. Electricité de France together with the Accor Hotelchain, the Gallions project in London and the Holiday Resorts in the Mediterranean all want to install Turbeys.

Two American companies have jointly submitted a pre-qualification to place 800 Turbys in the tower of the Freedom Tower, the new World Trade Center in New York, and another 102 Turbys are integrated in the design for the new JET stadium in New York.

My interest in wind power comes from having seen a working "hybrid" system (a wind generator combined with solar power) in Mexico. I am also very much interested in alternate energy, and I have personally worked on 3 solar powered systems in Mexico.

3:22 PM  
Blogger César said...

Thank you very much, Don. I have been working in an electrical spanish Company in Moldavia (former Soviet Union). I think that the Turbys is a great and cheap system for different environments as the new World Trade Center and some others as above mentioned by you. Of course, it must be almost definitive when combined with solar power. Very-very interesting!
Congratulations once again, Don.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Extremetech said...

César, being from Spain, you might have interest in the following (from an article titled "New Technologies in Spain"):

"Today, countries like Denmark and Germany have demonstrated that integrating a power source such as wind into the grid can easily provide more than 20 percent—sometimes significantly more—of the power needs of a given region.

Now, Spain has joined them as a wind-energy powerhouse. With 9,000 megawatts of installed capacity, Spain ranked second in the world in 2005 in total installed capacity, behind Germany (16,000 megawatts) and ahead of the United States (6,500 megawatts).

Furthermore, Spanish companies, both turbine manufacturers and wind-farm operators, are among the leaders in the global wind-power market. Some examples are Gamesa Eólica (world's second largest turbine manufacturer), Iberdrola (world's largest wind-farm owner and operator) and Acciona Energía (world's largest wind-farm builder and developer)."

5:55 PM  

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