Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Macroscopic Tranversable Spacewarp!

:: An Iranian "Einstein" believes that tranversable spacewarps can be created, allowing us to travel between countries, planets, and even the stars!
++ Space Tech: Mohammad Mansouryar / FTL (Faster Than Light) Travels

An Iranian student by the name of Mohammad Mansouryar (known to his friends as "Mammad") wants to lead a world-wide revolution in physics, but does anyone care?

You should care! The development of wormhole technology may very well be mandatory to ensure the long term survival and/or prosperity of our species.

Mammad's methods would allow people, spacecraft, and other useful goods to take a cosmic bypass, riding a spacewarp through an artificially created wormhole that radically alters distances through space while maintaining spacetime stability for the passengers and/or cargo!

This rendition, by artist Les Bossinas, depicts a hypothetical spacecraft with a "negative energy" induction ring, inspired by recent theories describing how space could be warped with negative energy to produce hyperfast transport to reach distant star systems. [Image credit: NASA]

This rendition, by artist Les Bossinas, depicts a cockpit view of a hypothetical spacecraft traveling at eight-tenths the speed of light and shows the visual distortions that would be experienced at such high speeds. The star field is actually being wrapped toward the front of the craft in addition to being significantly blue-shifted. [Image credit: NASA]
Like the author of Centauri Dreams, I am not competent enough in theoretical physics to completely understand Mansouryar's analysis. However, because he was kind enough to correspond with me by email, I think I understand the basic concept for creating an artificial wormhole (what Namsouryar calls a Virtual Pregnant Worm, or VPW): If you take metal plates, and duplicate these anywhere else in the known universe, and arrange them in a certain way (Mansouryar calls every couple of plates a cavity, and his style of arranging them asymmetric perforating), you would yield the initial energy needed, from the "vacuum fluctuations", to warp spacetime!

If you could build a wormhole on earth, theoretically you would walk through it and emerge elsewhere, just like in the movie "Stargate", and what they do on the popular television series, SG-1 almost every day. Image Credit: [Don Cook's Digital Café]
Note from Technophile: The mechanism that Mansouryar is starting with is to experiment with two special plates separated by a nano distance.

No human or useful goods could traverse between these plates.

However, according to Mansouryar, if you take a framework of metal plates along with special electromagnetic equipment to create a charge-back reaction, you could create enough "needed" energy to create a "macroscopic" spacewarp.

A huge challenge to spacewarp engineers is to find a way to allow humanoid passengers to pass through.

Mansouryar thinks he has found the way!
:: Source: [FTL Travels]
:: Innovation: Traveling long distances instantaneously using artificially created wormholes.
:: Available: Could be realized in less than a year.
:: Cost: Millions (but worth it)!


Blogger Yashmak said...

Les Bossinas has watched too much Star Trek. A distortion of the magnitude shown in the illustration would mean the viewer was travelling many, many times the speed of light.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Papa Ray said...

I think he has watched too many episodes of StarGate, and no one told him that it was just a made for tv series.

But hey, if it will keep him busy and he can get uncle Al to cough up a couple of hundred million, what's not to like.

After all, them Iranians figured out how to cure AIDS....didn't they?

Maybe somebody should smuggle in some books about entangled photons, so he can build really fast computers to run his rig.

Papa Ray
West Texas

8:50 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I never was a huge fan of all those space shows. Interesting post though!

Amanda, owner of Personal Checks Company

9:43 AM  
Blogger marry said...

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