Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extreme Mobile Office

:: Executives can now travel in business jet style without leaving the ground!
++ Auto Tech: Country / Howard Becker / Becker Automotive Design

For some business tycoons, flying in a Gulfstream or Learjet, or an Extreme Business Jet, may not make economic sense in the course of their everyday business. Their trips just may be too short, or there may not be any airports close to their destination. However, because time is money, they still need to be productive while traveling. And they need to arrive at their destination feeling rested, refreshed, energized and ready to work.

For these people, a $250,000 van conversion from Becker Automotive Design may be the perfect answer. The interior amenities alone make this mobile office worth every penny. The 32" LCD screen functions as a computer display, a display for the GPS navigation system, your "window on the world" from either of two closed-circuit video cameras, and a screen to watch satellite television, or movies from the DVD player (complete with an 11-speaker sound system).
Note From Technophile: A built-in Dell PC is accessed by a wireless keyboard and infrared pointer (to control the curser). High-speed internet access is provided by a Verizon EVDO card. The handcrafted leather seats are not unlike a business-class seat on an overseas flight. Curtains and several layers of sound-deadening material isolates passengers from traffic noise, effectively allowing them to concentrate, rest, reduce stress, and focus on their work. A single blog post cannot do justice to these incredible SUVs. However, Becker has an excellent site with lots of high quality pics and diagrams. You can view it here.
:: Source: [Business 2.0 Magazine]
:: Image Credits: [Becker Automotive Design, Inc.]
:: Innovation: Traveling in jet-set style without leaving the ground.
:: Available: Now.
:: Cost: $250,000 (add $75,000 or more for armored protection).

Note from Dan Lelevier, ET (Extreme Technology) Consumer Product Advisor: If you would like to have satellite television in your home as well as your Extreme Mobile Office, this satellite DISH deal cannot be beat: Up to 4 rooms of equipment for free (a $2,000 value). Free home protection plan. Free Digital Video Recorder. Free lifetime equipment warranty. Three months of Starz movie channel for free. $10 off for the first ten months. The lowest priced all-digital service in America ($19.95 a month for the basic channels). Free professional installation, and free home theatre system (with a DVD player)!

Click on the banner below to get it all from the #1 provider in America (according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index - ACSI):

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