Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extreme Boating Stability!

:: An Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG) system has been developed, over a twelve year period, utilizing advanced technology developed for the space program!
++ Marine Tech: USA / Marine Motion Dampening System / Marine Max

The ARG operates on the principle of a “Control Moment Gyro.” A heavy flywheel, spinning at high speeds, is supported by a gimbal mechanism which rotates to generate an effective suppression force on the rolling motion of a boat.

The Ferretti 880 has joined the FERRETTI YACHTS product range in top position. The new 27 meters superyacht introduces a new approach to experience a high-class motor boating through wide and luxury spaces, a preserving atmosphere and matchless performance.

The major design effort undertaken by Studio Zuccon International Project and the Engineering Division of FERRETTI YACHTS can be recognized in wide flying bridge, where the different "islands" constitute an invitation to spend sunny days and relaxing times. Cruising is made more comfortable thanks to a large corner sofa located near the pilot-house, accompanied by a coffee table. The horse-shoe-shaped sofa can seat 8 persons around the table for an open-air lunch. A large round tub with positioned hydro-massage, can be located in the center of the large sunbathing platform where guests can comfortably chat with those seated as well as those having a hydro-massage.

What really makes this yacht special is that it can be fitted with multiple Anti-Rolling Gyros! (Ferretti Group Yachts have the exclusive rights to fit the ARG stabilizers on all of their yachts for the entire european market.)

"ARG" or Anti-Rolling Gyro, produces a gyroscopic momentum within the vessel that reduces the rolling motion known as "Rolling Angular Velocity"

The ARG comes as a self-contained unit, requiring only secure mounting to the boat structure (the gyros spin at 4,400 to 2,000 rpms - depending on the size) and a source of electricity.

A simple control panel is included to turn the system on and off and monitor its function.

Ease of use and low maintenance are among the system’s numerous advantages.
Note From Technophile: The gyroscope units vary in weight from 639 to around 3,750 pounds and take up about the same space as a genset. There is no noise from the units, except for a faint hum that can be heard while standing right next to them. Estimated roll reductions are approximately 50 percent. Having recently returned from a sailing trip in the San Diego harbor, I can really appreciate this technology, as at times the sailboat (while at anchor) would rock and roll considerable from the wakes of power boats.
:: Source: [Beyond Tomorrow]
:: Image Credits: [Marine Max, FerrettiGroup, USA]
:: Innovation: Using space technology to reduce the rolling motion of yachts!
:: Available: Now.
:: Cost: Comparable in price to conventional fin stabilizers.

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