Monday, April 17, 2006

Extreme Micro-Miniature Projector

:: British company Light Blue Optics has developed a micro-miniature laser-holographic projector that can fit into a cell phone (or other pocket-sized device).
++ Personal Tech: United Kingdom / Ian Collins / Light Blue Optics

Holographic projection of 2D images represents a compelling alternative to conventional image projection. Holograms are efficient: they work by routing light to the places where you want it, and away from the places you don't. Unfortunately, all present systems are just too complex, expensive and of very low quality. That was, until now!

UK-based startup, called Light Blue Optics, has developed a new holographic laser technology aimed at future pocket-sized video projectors, PDAs, or even cell phones. The company's new technology requires only a very few components, which means the projector can be made relatively cheap and very small, so that it could easily be integrated into any portable device. [Image credit: Light Blue Optics]

The company also created as special chip that is capable of generating and displaying high quality holograms at video frame rates.

How does it work? A hologram pattern, which to the naked eye looks like a collection of random dots, is displayed on a small Liquid-Crystal-On-Silicon (LCOS) microdisplay (a very tiny, very fast liquid crystal display built on top of a chip). The hologram patterns are calculated by Light Blue Optics' proprietary hologram chip so that when the microdisplay is illuminated by laser light, the light interferes with itself in a complex manner through the physical process of diffraction which, when carefully controlled, results in the formation of a large, high quality projected image on, for example, a screen or a wall. [Image credit: Light Blue Optics]

Unlike a conventional video projector, heavy, bulky lenses are not required: diffraction does all the work for you, and the projected image is sharp and in focus at any distance.
Note From Technophile:This micro-projector has no moving parts and is just 3.78 cubic inches square (roughly the size and shape of a matchbox). The PVPro uses lasers to project green monochrome images at up to a 1024 x 512 resolution, although the company points out that up to 2048 x 1280 will be available by request. The PVPro is really geared towards short-range projection from a pocket-sized mobile device, and there won't be a full color version until probably around Christmas time, so don't pull your projector from the ceiling just yet.
:: Source: [Light Blue Optics ]
:: Image Credits: [Light Blue Optics]
:: Innovation: A projection system that can easily fit into pocket-size devices!
:: Available: Late 2006.
:: Cost: Unknown.

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a micro-miniature laser-holographic projector combined with the three lasers red, green, blue would be perfect in hdtvs.

especially when it could look like a vispod or stagepod

looking forward to day when laser holographic hdtvs are the norm

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