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++ Richard Horton / Micro Compact Homes, Ltd.
ENVIRONTECH :: A village of seven micro-compact homes [m-ch], sponsored by international telecoms company O2 Germany, has been built at the Technical University, Munich.

The village, which was launched in November 2005, accommodates six students. The intention was that the selected six would live there, alongside their British Professor Richard Horden, for a single term.

The micro-compact home [m-ch] student village was commissioned by Dieter Massberg, director of the Technical University of Munich's Studentenwerk (Student Housing Authority). The project has been developed and supervised by Professor Richard Horden and colleagues at the TU Munich and by Horden Cherry Lee Architects, London, and Haack Hopfner Architekten, Munich.

The use of progressive materials complements the sleek design of these micro-compact homes [m-ch]. The low energy concept, providing a high level of insulation and low emission coated glass, contains heating and air conditioning that is easy to operate and adjust. Surfaces are chosen for their warmth and clean feel to touch, and windows have privacy blinds. Lighting consists of the latest LED low temperature technology, and communication and entertainment is provided by an integrated sound system with two flat screen TV monitors with broadband connection. The kitchen integrates a double radiant hob and microwave oven and a double compartment fridge / freezer combination.

The design of the micro compact home has been informed by the classic scale and order of a Japanese tea house, combined with advanced concepts and technologies in Europe.

The tiny cube (2.65 meters cubed) provides a double bed on an upper level and working table and dining space for four or five people on a lower level. The kitchen bar is accordingly arranged to serve these two levels. The entrance lobby has triple use and functions as a bathroom and drying space for clothing. Storage is provided for each of these four functioning spaces.
Note From Technophile: Micro-compact homes [m-ch] may be grouped in horizontal or vertical arrangements in compact clusters, or form larger villages for social or student accommodation or for short stay business or leisure use. The 02 student village of micro-compact homes at the Technical University of Munich has proved so successful that all six students living there have extended their stay from one term to the full academic year.
:: Source: [Micro Compact Homes, Ltd.]
:: Innovation: Building homes that are energy efficient and compact in form and function.
:: Available: Now!
:: Cost: $150/month to rent, $60,000 to buy!

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