Friday, February 17, 2006

Brain Fingerprinting!

Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. has developed and patented EEG/P300 based testing systems that determine with extremely high accuracy whether or not specific information is stored in a person's memory. The test measures individual brain-wave responses to relevant words, pictures or sounds presented by a computer.

The measurements are recorded in fractions of a second after the stimulus is presented, before the subject is able to formulate or control a response.
In a major milestone for the company, the results of this patented testing methodology have been ruled admissible in court as scientific evidence.
Note from Technophile: The technology has many exciting applications in several very large markets: national security, medical diagnostics, advertising, insurance fraud, counterterrorism, and in the criminal justice system!
Source: [Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc.] Image credits: Fingerprint image by Davide Guglielmo. Brain image by Rodrigo Galindo. Keywords: [brain fingerprinting], [counterterrorism], [criminal justice], [medical], [security testing], [advertising], [medical research], [national security], [medical diagnostics], [insurance fraud], and [criminal justice system].


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