Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sleep With The Fishes

:: POSEIDON WILL BE the world's first permanent sea floor one-atmosphere undersea resort!
++ L. Bruce Jones / U. S. Submarines / Poseidon Undersea Resort

Currently in the final
design stages, Poseidon will be the world's first sea floor resort complex. The resort will be a unique, intimate and exclusive, five-star destination providing the highest possible levels of luxury and service. Poseidon's guests will experience a marvelous ambiance of comfort and camaraderie that will not soon be forgotten. The first Poseidon Undersea Resort is scheduled to open before the end of 2007.

Poseidon was conceived
and developed by L. Bruce Jones, the President of U.S. Submarines, Inc. and engineered by the tremendously experienced staff at U.S. Submarines. Years of painstaking effort and design refinement with expert advice from outside world-class consultants has resulted in the world's first viable undersea luxury resort.

The site of
the first Resort, in the Bahamas, is just a short plane ride from South Florida. This is a site where water clarity and marine life are both exceptional.

The Poseidon Undersea
Resort will be a true five-star facility offering the finest wine and cuisine and the highest levels of service. The entire experience will be designed to foster an ambiance of comfort and camaraderie among guests. There will be a visiting celebrity program and regular guest lecturers. Diving lessons and expeditions will be available onsite and a swim with the dolphins program may also be implemented. Excursions on a deep diving submarine are also likely.

In summary, the
underwater portion of the resort will consist of:
  • 20 Luxury Suites
  • 2 Service Areas
  • Central Corridor Assembly
  • Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Kitchen
  • Grand Poseidon Suite
  • Nautilus Suite
The last 20 years has seen the widespread use of transparent acrylic plastic (polyethyl methacrylate) in deep submersible and aquarium applications. The material is strong and remarkably transparent and its characteristics are well understood. The resort's design takes full advantage of acrylic's ability to maximize viewing while maintaining structural soundness. Only five different acrylic molds are required to build the entire complex.

During daylight hours it is not possible to look into the individual suites from underwater. At night, guests will be able to opaque various areas of the acrylic to protect their privacy.

There are 20 luxury suites, each 51 m2 (550 ft2) in size and comprising a bedroom with large jacuzzi tub, a sitting room with views of a private coral garden, and a bathroom with a toilet and bidet, two sinks and a shower. All the rooms are superbly appointed. Ceilings and seaward walls are composed of acrylic and offer spectacular views of individual coral gardens and the ocean beyond. Guests may actuate exterior underwater lights and automatic fish feeders from control consoles in their sitting rooms.

Two spectacular large themed suites, the Captain Nemo Suite and the Grand Poseidon Suite will also be available.

The exclusive undersea gourmet restaurant and bar are located in one of the main end units which is 20 meters (65 feet) in diameter and contains an area of 308 square meters (3,300 square feet). The periphery of each unit is composed of 24 flat panels of acrylic providing a continuous view of nearly 360 degrees. In the center of the restaurant above the bar is an 8 m (26 ft) diameter transparent acrylic dome.

The restaurant will rotate 360 degrees in a 40 minute period. High backed booths will face outward and seat 4-6 people and will be interspersed with larger conventional tables.

An attached submarine garage would provide access to a 4-passenger, 1000 foot capable submersible for local exploration.
Note from Technophile: With the exception of the central corridor, which is permanently fixed to the structural base of the facility, each individual unit is neutrally buoyant and capable of being removed from the complex - and the water - if necessary. All important systems are shore-based or inside the complex, where they are easy to maintain. Automated viewport cleaning systems obviate the laborious and expensive need for divers to clean the viewport surfaces of marine growth.
:: Source: [U.S. Submarines, Inc.]
:: Innovation: First undersea resort to offer the comfort of living underwater at one atmosphere pressure.
:: Available: Before the end of 2007.


Blogger César said...

Very interesting place for a honeymoon ... What do you think about, Don?
Best regards from Spain.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Nikolas Coukouma said...

I'll remain skeptical until it actually exists. The front page has barely changed in the last three years. Now that the "design and engineering of the underwater portions of the resort is now complete" "work is underway on the planning of a manufacturing facility." "The earliest anticipated opening date would be late 2007."

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Technophile said...

Nikolas, thanks for your comment. Yes, I remain skeptical also. While there have been approximately 70 habitats built in 17 different countries, only Jules Undersea Lodge and Aquarius are currently operating. So, it doesn't look good. However, I hope they can pull it off. By the way I did update my blog post after receiving your comment.

11:05 AM  

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