Sunday, February 12, 2006

PEBBLES For The Remote Child!

Two child-sized robots transmit real time, audio and documents between classroom and child. The classroom-based robot features a microphone and speakers, a swivelling monitor and camera competition, and a robotic hand. Together, these mimic the movement and interaction of an actual student. All functions are controlled by the remote child, who communicates with the classroom via a game pad-style controller and personal robot complete with microphone, touch screen video monitor, microphone and speakers.

PEBBLES FOR KIDSPEBBLES is the world's first fully functional 'telepresence' application - social and technology solution that virtually places a child within the classroom.

PEBBLES creates a presence so strong in fact, that teachers, students and remote children all react as if the remote student is physically present in the regular classroom.
Note From Technophile: The PEBBLES robot series T360 is designed to operate using Internet Protocol (IP H.323) communications protocols, with ISDN support available as an optional feature. The PEBBLES T360 codec provides a higher quality picture at lower bandwidth. Standing at 60", each PEBBLES robot is a gateway to learning and communication that exists beyond traditional videoconferencing. The remote child can interact with the home classroom with PEBBLES' built-in camera, speakers, microphone and touch screen LCD. An integrated printer/scanner sends homework assignments and receives in class work. Remote students control the in-class PEBBLES robot via a gamepad-style controller. With the controller, the remote student can initiate contact with the in-class robot, raise its hand and turn its head to reposition the on-board camera.
Source: [Telbotics]


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