Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Extreme Blogging!

:: Extreme technology deserves an extreme blog! It also deserves a TLD (Top Level Domain) name.
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Extreme Technology (ET) will soon have a brand new look and feel.

Also, ET will have the TLD (Top Level Domain) name of: The new and improved ET is scheduled to launch in May of 2010. ET is just a "baby" (about 3 years old), yet we have already had over 150,000 unique (first-time) visitors from 94 different countries.

The first step in launching our new Journal (Blog) was to launch Don's Digital Café. This has already been accomplished. You can check it out here.

Every single one of these visitors deserves the very best articles (that are well written and well researched), the very best graphics (photos, videos and animations), and the very best links. They will receive all of this and more in the newest evolution (and the next generation) of ET!

Note From Technophile: The technology involved in creating a world-class "Extreme Technology" blog is . . . well . . . extreme! To accomplish this, I will be using a Mac Pro 8-Core and an extreme custom PeeCee (that I built myself) with studio monitors, that are networked together in order to share extreme high-speed internet access by fiber optics cable (courtesy of AT&T U-verse). This requires an extreme dedicated server, that I also built myself. By the way, my Mac has eight browsers (Navigator, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Camino, Explorer, Mozilla, and iCab) in order to accommodate my extreme surfing needs. When I'm doing research, I always feel the need, the need for speed (each browser has its own strengths and weaknesses in that area). I will also be using the very best software, including the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4), Aperture 2, Lightroom 2, Macromedia Studio 8 and other goodies such as the Art Directors Toolkit, the DigitalColor Meter, and countless Plug-Ins, Adobe Open Type Fonts (over $10,000 worth), Clip Art and Digital Stock Photos.ditor, Flash 8 for animations (and video), and Adobe Photoshop CS3 for photo manipulation and optimization.
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:: Available: Februaary, 2010.
:: Cost: Priceless (free to you)!

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” ~Bill Gates