Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Fusion of Technology and Personality

Dinosaurs are back and roaming the earth in the 32” long Roboraptor, an advanced fusion of technology and personality. With his advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct control and autonomous (free-roam) modes, the Age of Dinosaurs has truly returned!

Become One With Your Computer

If you would like to take that next, precarious step toward becoming one with the computer, the the eMagin Z800 3DVisor is for you. Strap on the headset and you'll be staring into the equivalent of a 105-inch movie screen from 12 feet away.

"The headset works nicely with movies and will actually track your head movements for gaming, but focusing the 3DVisor is painful; you'll never get it exactly right. The 3D recreations are accurate and sometimes breathtaking, though they can be slightly nauseating." -David Murphy, PC Magazine
At the core of the Z800 3DVisor is a pair of eMagin SVGA 3D OLED microdisplays. These displays deliver high speed, high-resolution (800 X 600 triad picture elements), high-color (>16 million) imagery for near-eye applications. Because OLED materials emit their own light, the displays are thinner and lighter than conventional LCDs, and they require less power, permitting the Z800 3D Visor to deliver stereovision, head tracking, and hi-fi sound from a USB power source.

OLED displays offer higher contrast and a wider dispersion of light, making them more comfortable to view and usable for near-eye applications. eMagin’s patented 3D OLED displays recognize and deliver left-eye and right-eye stereovision signals with unsurpassed efficiency. Color data is buffered under each pixel site, eliminating flicker and smear.

Digital Music Eyewear

The world’s first digital music eyewear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory. THUMP 2 offers memory storage up to 1 gigabyte. That’s 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you from dangling cords and wires.

Listen to music virtually anywhere with speaker booms that adjust easily for a customized fit, and just swing them out of the way when you need to hear your environment. For all-day comfort, the durable frame is made of lightweight high-tech plastic. Patented optics extends clarity to the lens periphery, allowing for contours that open peripheral vision.

Frame de Mer

AquaVista 500Your expensive tropical fish deserve a classier crib than a crummy bowl.

The AquaVista 500 is an unprecedented, patent-pending, wall-mounted aquarium for live tropical fish that is designed to hang like framed picture.

It combines the serenity of live freshwater tropical fish with the elegance of beautiful scenic artwork.

The aquarium is completely computer controlled and includes proprietary filtration, air, lighting, and heating systems that are built into the product. The AquaVista 500 takes up minimal space and its sophisticated, patent-pending design and advanced aquarium technology make it virtually hassle free.

Note from DC: Now you can appreciate your exotic aquatics as living art!