Sunday, February 26, 2006

Smart Antibody Bombs!

++Jennie Mather / Raven Biotechnologies

At age 50, Jennie Mather left biotech giant Genentech to develop antibodies. The beauty of antibodies is that they're so much safer than other disease-fighting drugs. Antibodies are more targeted, going after specific disease mechanisms, and tend to have fewer side effects: A "smart antibody bomb".

Raven isn't the only company working with antibodies. One forecast puts the worldwide market in 2010 at $26 billion!
But Raven is turbocharging the way they are discovered and developed: Since 1999, Mather has raised $115 million in venture capital, and now has a colorectal and pancreatic drug in clinical trials.
Note from Technophile: In six years, Mather has gone from "that's impossible" to "that's unbelievable", to "why isn't everybody doing it that way?"
:: Source: [Raven Biotechnologies]
:: Innovation: A very smart female scientest doing things differently!


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