Wednesday, November 23, 2005

MobiBLU: World's Smallest MP3 Player

MobiBlu DAH-1500 has a cube shape with only 24mm side length making it the world's smallest mp3 player!

World's Smallest MP3 PlayerThe MobiBlu DAH-1500 available at Wal-mart claims to have USB 2.0. Wal-mart is also listing it as MobiBlu DAH-1500i. USB 2.0 and WMA-DRM support definitely making the Wal-Mart MobiBlu a much better player.
"The sound quality is very good actually. There is also a sound boost option in the music menu to enhance the output. Not really necessary to switch that one on. Additionally 6 equalizer settings are available to choose from, plus a user definable equalizer setting. I got several emails already asking questions about the quality of the sound and the overall quality of a device that small. To give a quick answer: the quality is surprisingly good. The manufacturing, the features, the user interface all make a great impression. The world's smallest mp3 player is at the same time also one of the best flash memory music players out there. Just as a nice little feature example, the MobiBlu warns on the display that the headset is not plugged in (see sceen shot). Although this is a little feature it shows how complete the design is."
Source: [I4U News]


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