Friday, November 18, 2005

Aerodynamic Recumbent Tricycle

Forget romantic visions of cycling with wind in your hair! Get your tangled locks inside a sleek shaped monocoque shell, made of carbon fibre.

Designed by Michael Goretzky (one of the guys behind Daimler Chrysler's SMART car), this is a true HPV (Human Powered Vehicle). It comes with front, rear and indicator lights. This speed bullet weighs just 32kg (with batteries).
Luggage compartments are under development as is a battery powered electric motor. Truly desperate for some fresh air? Leave the rear 'turret' off: Instant cabriolet! And girls, it even has has a side view mirror so you could, at a pinch, adjust your make-up while waiting at the traffic lights.
Note from Technophile: This is truly a next-generation vehicle that you can own and enjoy today and not worry about where you are going to need to go to refuel it, or how long it will take, or how far you can go. OK, so you might need to stop for the occasional veggie burger and cleansing ale.
Source: [Go-One]


Anonymous Ned Baldessin said...

The real innovation will come with the electric motor version. The idea is the de-couple the pedal system from the wheels, so you can continue to pedal when you're stopped at a red light, charge the batteries while you're giving a constant effort (which makes for a lot more efficient workout). You could additionnaly charge the battery at home or when you arrive at work.

So you're solving two problems at once: urban air and noise pollution, and human health problems that are created by our sedentary lifestyle (who has the time to spend hours working out at the gym?).

7:28 AM  

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