Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Future of Medicine: Super Sims

YOU VISIT YOUR DOCTOR after weeks of feeling fatigued and lethargic. He takes a blood sample, records your DNA profile, does a quick CT body scan, then uploads the raw data to a computer workstation.

Super Sim (If you cannot see this image in your browser, please click the refresh button.)
Within minutes software stitches together a head-to-toe living, breathing digital reproduction of you, which the doctor can poke and prod just like the real thing.
Turns out you have lung cancer. Rather than focus on one treatment, your physician can test various scenarios on your digital sim (simulation) - surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - and watch how your system reacts.

Note from DC: The cure is the treatment that doesn't kill the virtual you.


Blogger Extremetech said...

From Red Herring Magazine:

Parties Clash Over the Politics of Science

"Despite the quantum leap in the power and sophistication of computer technology that has occurred in the last half century, it is still very much ill-equipped to model complex natural phenomena like climate and the human body. The computing power necessary to model thousands and even millions of inter-related reactions that are triggered in the human body via drugs, for instance, does not exist . . ."

Note from DC: ". . . yet!"

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