Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ultimate Gaming PC

WHILE OTHER MANUFACTURERS ARE building multimedia PCs designed to blend unobtrusively into an A/V rack, Voodoo is taking the opposite tack with its Voodoo VIBE f:50. It stands out, both in looks and in terms of components. Completely fanless, the silent VIBE is designed to plug seamlessly into any home theater system. Dual TV tuners let you record two television channels at once, or watch (and record, rewind, and pause) live TV while recording another channel at the same time.

VOODO VIBE F:50 (If you cannot see this image in your browser, please click the refresh button.)
As you might expect from Voodoo, the VIBE is also the ultimate gaming PC, featuring the ability to display any PC game at the highest resolutions with incredible amounts of detail. The bundled Smart Jukebox utility lets you listen to all you digital audio files, and its "party" mode that turns your PC into a jukebox, complete with a song request list and visual effects.

From DC: We will be building and marketing high-end gaming machines similar to this one on our vStore (Virtual Store) by the name of "eXtreme Gamer".


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